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Local Services around Killin
Local services in and around Killin, including garages, taxis and other transport.

Killin Taxis

Local and long-distance taxi service, airport transfers and tours.
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The Big Shed

Community hall and kitchen on Loch Tay available for weddings, parties & conferences. Great views & a friendly welcome. Check our website for concerts and events.
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Killin Water Mill

Tourist information, books by local authors, thrift, craft participation events, arts & craft exhibits and sales.
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Kingshouse Travel

Public Transport (including Demand responsive Transport); Coach Hire; Mini-bus Hire
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Killin Community Library

Library & Internet Access
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Margaret at Killin Kutz

Ladies stylist and gents barber
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Where is Killin? We’re here!

Find the public transport routes to and from Killin.

Taxis, banks, garages, church services and more – you’ll find them all here.

Find out what’s on in the next few days or major events throughout the year.

Throughout the year, businesses in the Killin area offer special promotions, bargain deals and special events. Visit these pages regularly to find special offers that appeal to you.